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Nine years of blessings . . .

Here we are again, friends . . . Another PRIDE weekend in Madison! Both Jason and I are humbled by the position we have garnered in our community and are happy to be able to provide Madison with a warm, friendly and welcoming venue that has truly become a cornerstone of Madison’s LGBT community. This past week a young trans man found his way into the bar for Happy Hour and remarked later on a social media review site about how about how accepted and welcome he felt at WOOF’S. He reminded folks to “Be yourself . . . but be yourself here.” With that motto in mind, we are happy to be part of this year's PRIDE festivities. This year has shown us the importance of community, friends, family, and allies. The tragedy at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, attacks locally and nationally against people of color, our trans brothers, and sisters, and, of course, the recurring attacks on foreign soils, shows us how prevalent hate can be in our world!

Yesterday I happened upon a video of Dr. Maya Angelo singing a 19th-century African American song about rainbows, “When it looked like the Sun wasn’t gonna shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds.” She speaks of the rainbows and the many, many clouds that have passed through her life. She explains that in her daily life, as she works, lives, and conducts herself she takes everyone who has ever been kind to her with her on her journey. Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native American, Gay or Straight, everybody, “come with me,” she implores, “I need you now! Both the living and the long dead . . . ” so she never feels alone or has no help. She suggests we each prepare ourselves so that we may be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds. For someone who may not look like you, may not call their god the same name you call your god—if they call on a god at all—may not eat the same dishes prepared the way you do, may not dance your dances, or speak your tongue. Simply be a blessing to somebody!

As we get ready to celebrate our PRIDE, our DIVERSITY, and our COMMUNITY join me in remembering everyone who’s been a rainbow in our clouds over the years and move forward in PRIDE . . . OUT, LOUD & VISIBLE!


Dino & Jason



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